We Encourage. We Support. We Connect. We are better TOGETHER.
— Raw Power Mission

Testimonial #1

Absolutely love working out here! The variety of enthusiastic teachers that work here make each class challenging, educational, and super exciting. They really do exemplify a kind and accepting atmosphere at Raw Power; welcoming newcomers in with open arms, and making them quickly feel like part of the family. This isn't just a place to put in a good sweat, it's a community of people all encouraging one another to love their bodies and find a more wholesome and healthy lifestyle. The attitude and compassion shown here really stands out. We all know that the journey to fitness and health is one more easily walked with friends, and I think that Raw Power Fitness has truly taken that philosophy to heart. 
I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to find a healthier life and body. Come here to find more than just fun workout classes. Come here and find an awesome fitness community to cheer you on as you reach your goals.  - Lindsey Allen

Testimonial #2

This studio is AMAZING. The instructors are fun and supportive but trust me, they WILL push you! Every class I've tried has been different than anything I'm used to and trust me, I've tried out almost every studio in KC. HIGHLY recommend! -Amanda Hornick

Testimonial #3

Amazing studio! No judgement and pure motivation! Best place to get stronger not only on the outside but on the inside. -Dyana Daniel

Testimonial #4

If you are looking for unique, challenging and variety of cardio, strength, Pilates and yoga group fitness classes , RAW power is the place to be and sweat it out. I have been consistently working out at RAW from Nov 2015 and haven seen a great change to my body, I am not only losing weight but also building muscle, looking more toned and stronger . Amazing,welcoming and motivating teachers/gurus in addition to a super friendly environment .RAW power is the most happening gym in town. Give it a try and guaranteed that you will not be disappointed and will be wanting to come back for more work outs!  -Anitha Narayan

Testimonial #5

To me Raw Power is not only a place to go work out, it's a community where you're welcomed with open arms, no matter your health status or fitness level. The instructors challenge you and motivate you to go beyond your 'comfort-zone'. They are all very approachable, non-judgmental, and encourage you to get to know someone new in class. When a new face walks in, they are generally greeted by other members who go out of their way to help them find what they need for class.  You might not personally know everyone in class but you feel like they are all people you can genuinely relate to and want to be friends with. Raw Power is a place I look forward to going as often as I can.  I never dread going to work out, and I leave with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of gratitude. This is the BEST place to start or continue your journey to better health/fitness.  - Jamy Thielen

Testimonial #6

When my first son was born, I began to struggle with taking care of myself and eventually started to gain weight.  After my second son was born, I decided to make health, fitness, and self-acceptance a priority, not only for myself, but to set an example of a healthy lifestyle for my two sons.  I used to make excuses why I couldn’t find time enough to work out each day, but now I know it is imperative to carve out time and take care of myself. I am a better wife, mother, and colleague now that I look after my physical and emotional wellness.  I feel so fortunate to have found Raw Power to help me achieve my goals.  I have never felt so welcomed or at home at any other gym/studio.  Raw Power is a beautiful studio and I love the variety of classes.  There is a constant feeling of positivity from everyone.  The instructors at Raw Power encourage me to do my best at my own pace. They have the incredible ability to use their knowledge and expertise to modify their classes to accommodate all levels of fitness.  I get the best workouts in Raw Power classes because they push me hard and past what I can or would do on my own.  It is great because they continue to change and improve their classes.  Most importantly, they establish an environment in which all participants feel safe, encouraged, and motivated!   -Erin Albright