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fitting in Exercise when There Just Isn't enough time...

In a perfect world, we get our workouts in 5-6 days per week and we follow our nutrition plan 100%. We’re healthy, energetic, and unstoppable! But really, life isn’t always like that. Imagine this scenario: It’s a busy day, you missed your morning workout and are wondering how you can fit SOMETHING in today that might count as exercise. If you can get outside over lunch, go take a walk!  Every chance you get, take the stairs. Have a conference call?  Put them on speaker and hold a plank.  Even if you’re stuck at your desk, here are 5 exercises you can do that will leave you feeling energized and strong.


1)      Simply sit on a stability ball:  Sitting on a ball forces you to sit up straight and use your core.  No slouching allowed!  Try a ball like this one: Strengthen your core and pelvic floor even more by tilting your pelvis forward, back, left and right.  Keep repeating and changing direction. This is one also great to give a nice stretch to your lower back.


2)      Leg abduction:  You can discreetly work those thighs and glutes without anyone knowing. Feel the burn with this band placed above your knees:


These bands also make great travel equipment!  So tiny to pack, and yet so many uses.  Looking for bands that can really give you a full body workout when you’re in your hotel room?  Try these  Not only does this little package come with a huge variety of resistance bands, it also comes with a booklet detailing all the exercises you can do, simply by anchoring your bands into the door with the supplied anchor.  Easily get in a full body workout in 30 minutes without ever having to leave your hotel room.


3)      Take a break to strengthen your shoulders and chest.  Place a pilates ring between your palms, extend your arms and squeeeeeeze! Alternatively, work your shoulders and back by slipping your wrists in the ring and pressing out against the pads.


4)      Use your same pilates ring to work your inner thighs by placing the pads on the inside of your legs, just above your knees.  Again, squeeeeeeeze repeatedly.


5)      Another discreet way to strengthen your legs and core with this one:  Strap on some ankle weights.  Sit up tall and extend one leg straight forward.  Lower and repeat. Switch sides when you’ve felt the burn. Develop equal strength on the back side of your body by pulling your heel up toward the bottom of your chair. Lower and repeat. Stand up while on a conference call: balance on one leg and lift the other up and out to the side with control.


There are so many ways to fit exercise into your day that don’t involve having to go to the gym.  Don’t let your missed workout ruin your day!  The equipment we’ve linked to above is high quality for a very reasonable price.  It can all be discreetly kept and used at your desk or for travel (except the stability ball…that’s a hard one to pack!).


And as always, don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout!  We’re all human.  Life happens and naturally, other things take precedence. The key is getting right back on track and just doing what you can WHEN you can.  Every little bit matters.


If you could use some personal guidance in your workouts, let us know!  Susan and Bree are both NASM Certified Personal Trainers and Precision Nutrition Coaches. They can help you implement a solid plan to have you feeling and looking your best.