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Working out smarter, not harder!

By Susan Doerr

Good Nutrition, cardio workouts and strength training may already be in your life in 2017.  How about yoga, Pilates, meditation , massage, supplements such as collagen protein, fermented drinks(Kombocha and water kefir), essential oils like lavender to calm or peppermint to boost energy, plant-based proteins, wellness vacations, and a community place to share similar goals like Raw Power.    "Surround yourself with positive people that lift you up" is one of our mantras for 2017.  Power up your mind, body and life is RAW Power Fitness Studio's vision!   

We see friendships forming at the studio everyday whether it's attending a Dance class like WERQ, Hot yoga class or a Strength class like Barbell.   Our clients may come in with stress, but leave with a sense of accomplishment, a smile, and upbeat attitude to help them face the rest of their day!   Raw Power has become a family of strong, like-minded people who truly want to be the best version of themselves.   Check out all the RP coaches, variety of classes and nutrition guidance and you will be ready to make Raw Power your second home!   The conversations at the studio before and after class are about meal prep, next class to take together,  family and kids, Kansas City happenings, and ways to improve health!      

Strive to make this your year to recommit! Try not to compare yourself to others as they may have a different set of goals or genetic make up and that will just leave you feeling depleted.    

Plan to take at least one hour out of your day to focus on YOU!    Start today!  Your next vacation may be a WELLNESS retreat, book a massage and/or a facial, call a friend to meditate together or walk the trails,  and connect for a coffee or a yoga class.   What is your mantra, what inspires you, how can you make your life better?