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Burning Belly Fat!

So here's an article that I definitely can't take credit for, but it speaks to all the principles we preach in our Nutrition Consults at Raw Power. As a society, Americans eat WAY too many carbs, and especially refined carbs.  Don't get me wrong, there is a time and purpose for carbs, and generally, we've been told to do it wrong for a long time.  As we get older, our bodies just can't process all that stuff like they used to and we begin packing on fat in undesirable ways.  Eating appropriate carbs at the wrong time vs the right time can make a huge difference in a person's leanness. To optimize your own leanness and get rid of that belly fat, try some of the suggestions contained in the article.  If you need accountability or more guidance, book a Nutrition Consult with us.  We practice what we preach and want to help you reach your goals!


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