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August/Sept Schedule Updates

Great things are coming in August!  Back to School means back to serious business here at Raw Power!  Join in our new classes, meet our newest instructors and and focus on the best version of YOU!  The following are changes or additions to our schedule.  Everything is laid out for you online in our Raw Power Fitness Studio app or through your MindBody app. 

Beginning Aug 14th:

Sunday 8:30am Raw TABATA - Diana

Sunday 9:30am Hot Power Yoga - Susan/Mendi

Monday 10:15am Power45 - Bree

Tuesday 4:45pm Raw Barbell - Holly

Wednesday 12 Noon Hot Yoga - Susan

Thursday 9am Raw Power Mix - Lindsey

Thursday 6pm Strength45 - Susan

Friday 8am Strength45 - Tally

Friday 10:15am Ballet Booty - Michelle H (she's baaaack!)

All early morning classes move to 5:30am!

Mid-Morning classes move to 9am and 10:15am.