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What New Year's Resolution?!

It's at about this time that the New Years rush begins to slow down at health clubs and fitness centers all over the country.  The good intentions dropped, goals unmet, frustration high and feelings of defeat abound. 

Let's face it.  It's HARD to make a change.  It's hard to be consistent with something that may not give immediate gratification, may be uncomfortable, and may make you feel awkward or embarrassed.  Falling off the fitness wagon is easy to do...IF you don't have the right combination. 

The combination is this:

1) effective workouts, ideally guided by an instructor or trainer

2) effective nutrition

3) social support

4) the determination to not give up easily and readiness for change

#4 is the biggest predictor of exercise habits, but it can be influenced by #1-3. You may start out with the determination for a change, but without #1-3, it's not likely to last long.  We all want to see results from our workouts.  So our workouts themselves need to be effective.  But you can completely negate your workout with poor nutrition.  Even if you think "Hey, I eat healthy most of the time", are you sure? If you are struggling with weight, you may need to measure your portions, tweak your types of foods, or maybe your "most of the time" isn't enough of the time. And social support (#3) is HUGE. At Raw Power, we are creating an environment of success, by supporting our social networks...we introduce the new kids, we create workout buddies, we check in on each other to keep ourselves accountable. 

These things (especially the social aspect) make sticking to an exercise routine more likely and just more FUN.  Reach out to that person next to you. Say hello.  The more friends we have in our space, the more likely we are to come to that space...even on the days we don't really feel like it.   And THEN...there will be no more New Years Resolution.  Working out will just be what you DO.