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It's About the Journey

Group classes help to motivate and inspire each other to keep going, but sometimes we compare ourselves to the person next to us in class.   "If only I could do a handstand or wheel!" or "if my body just looked like hers or his, I'd be so happy!"  You've heard your teacher say, "You are exactly where you need to be!"  or "It's all about the journey!"   These are great tips and encouraging words, but are you truly hearing them and not being so hard on yourself which can lead to frustration, fear and defeat.

We need to possibly step back from those thoughts and acknowledge where we are and where we have come from.   It's owning YOUR JOURNEY and becoming the person you are truly meant to be!   Some people are more flexible and some are more muscular, some people come to class for the physical and some come more for the inner journey.     Whoever you are, show up, smile, be kind, stay present, send gratitude to YOURSELF and ALL will fall into place for YOU!