Creating a community here at Raw Power is a BIG goal of ours.  Want to know what we think about when we're not teaching?  Read up on it here, then let us know what YOU think!  Please comment, agree (or disagree!), and share your thoughts too.  This is our place to share recipes, great articles, up and coming (effective)  trends in fitness, and general musings on anything and everything.

The Dream

Opening a fitness studio had always been a lofty dream in our minds, but chasing the dream is becoming reality! We have a strong passion for yoga and fitness and love connecting with people. We are grateful and blessed to be able to share amazing experiences with our clients, old and new! The excitement is contagious as we begin this journey and we just can’t wait for the opportunity to build a community at RAW POWER Yoga & Fitness. Find your best self with us this winter as we POWER UP our bodies, POWER UP our minds, POWER UP our lives!

When you come out of your comfort zone, great things happen!